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About ABS Hygiene Solutions

The ABS Ablution Solutions began in 2012 in aid of impoverished communities. The project was a result of seeing the poor hygiene and living conditions of people in townships and squatter camps

After noting that most informal settlement areas only have two toilets per street, we realised that these were not sufficient and posed several health risks. Research showed that an average of 200 people used 2 toilets per street. These statistics prompted ABS Solutions with the aim to safe guard the wellbeing and general hygiene of residents in the informal settlements.

Our team identified a need in the market and decided to make a difference in the community. Our project converts shipping containers into full service toilets and shower rooms. These are powered by biogas that’s produced by each container bathroom.

ABS Solutions has partnered with government and the communities in building the ablution blocks to ensure success as well as to ensure that the bathrooms are appropriately utilised and maintained properly. ABS Solutions provides skills training for on-going maintenance that is conducted by DMC and selected residents and this includes security guards and Janitors trained by ABS Solutions to provide safety and cleaning services.

Our Plans For The Communities

To build ultra modern toilets

To be an exceptional provider of integrated infrastructures that address energy challenges; one community at a time. We are a people centred organisation.

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